This time of year can often present a challenge. The weather is unpredictable and cold, our bank balances may be feeling the pressure of Christmas and our New Year intentions often start to waiver.  Sound familiar? Do not despair.

Here at Jung Shim we have some easy to implement tips that will make it feel like the sun is shining again.

Our recent blog looked at how to free up an overloaded mind, and here are a few pointers to remember when setting your intentions:

  1. Be realistic and set something that’s achievable

  2. Do something you would really like to do

  3. Focus your mind on what you need to do

  4. Create a plan

In addition, we would like to look more at both what we want to achieve and how we go about this.  And we’d like you to think a little bit differently about these things.


What we want to achieve

Starting with the ‘what’.  We encourage you to be realistic about what we can achieve.  So many of our good intentions fail to flourish because we set our sights so high. Top marks for enthusiasm, however these are often massive life-changing events. Here at Jung Shim we believe that it’s the focus on small daily behaviours that will inevitably lead to success.  We encourage our clients to look at the lifestyle changes that are more achievable and may, eventually, provide the life changes that they may seek. 

Here are a few examples for you to ponder:

  • Losing a stone might be life changing, drinking 8 glasses of water per day is a new type of lifestyle.
  • Running a marathon might be life changing, running 3 days per week is a new type of lifestyle.
  • Publishing a book might be life changing, writing a monthly blog is a new type of lifestyle


How we want to achieve

Lets turn now to the ‘how’.  The focus for our goals and intentions is often the deadline we want to do it by.   By doing this we are setting a deadline, but not a schedule.  And sadly, when we don’t hit the (arbitrary) deadline that we’ve set, we feel like failure and often give up without realising that we are actually better off than where we started!

We suggest that instead of giving yourself a deadline, you consider choosing a lifestyle changing goal that is important to you and then setting a schedule to work towards it consistently.

So by committing to running 3 days a week, without judgement about how far you run each time you are literally just going out to do a run, you will be making consistent and long lasting progress towards your goal by sticking to a schedule that you have set and can control.


Be mindful in your actions

By being mindful in your actions, you are switching the focus to the day-to-day practice and not the performance.  You will find that you not only enjoy it more, but you are likely to achieve more as a result. If you are struggling to be mindful, just remember to live in the now and pay attention to the small things that you may often overlook. It will calm the mind as well as helping you achieve your goals.


Practising Mindfulness

At Jung Shim, we run classes to introduce mindfulness and meditation. The classes are based on eastern principles that promote mindfulness and good health through a steady flow and healthy store of human energy (Qi), which maintains the balance of mind, body and spirit. 

Qi Classes last one hour and consist of chanting, gentle movements and meditation to help re-train our minds to be more mindful, accepting and appreciative which helps us to achieve our goals and intentions in a stress free way.