“Words are free, it’s how you use them that can cost you”  Kushand Wizdom

We are reflecting today on how powerful and important our words are.  We are going to do this in the context of the importance of speaking positively about our world, our experiences and our fellow human beings.


What does the word ‘positive’ conjure up for you?

At Jung Shim we associate ‘positive’ with being hopeful and optimistic.  We find an energy in the word and a sense that something good will happen.  And if the word positive was a colour, it would be a sunshine yellow. Warm and bold and happy.

When it comes to our language, positive speaking is described as something that is “ characterised by the presence rather than the absence of something”.  Hearing or using positive language has been shown to affect how we feel emotionally, physically and mentally. All in a good way. Conversely, our energy is drained by negative language.  The type often used in complaining and gossiping. Remember how you feel when you get positive feedback on a piece of work, or someone compliments you on your appearance? And then how you feel when someone has been negative about your performance or spoken unkindly to you?


Positivity builds momentum to move things forwards

When we frame our language with positive, ‘can do’ choices, we find that we build a momentum to move things forward in all aspects of our lives.  With positive words we can successfully convey even the most difficult messages helpfully and with encouragement. We improve our perspective on our experiences by talking positively externally to others, and by also choosing affirming words when we talk to ourselves.


Start small

It can sometimes feel challenging to change our focus. To start, we encourage you to focus on acknowledgment and praise of others.  Express gratitude where you feel comfortable. Maybe take time to reflect on how you can introduce new words or expressions to give your everyday vocabulary a positivity boost. 


Jung Shim

Jung Shim means ‘beautiful mind’. At Jung Shim, we work holistically to help relieve tiredness and fatigue whilst detoxifying the body and having a calming effect on the mind. Our treatments work by unblocking the energy channels and boosting the circulation of energy to create a balance in mind, body, and spirit. 

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