How allergies and food sensitivities are affected by our energy levels

Allergies and food sensitivities are commonplace in the Western World. In most instances, they’re seen as an annoyance rather than a chronic illness and are treated with a variety of over-the-counter drugs or self-imposed elimination diets.

However, we tend to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. This means that relief is often short lived and the symptoms may intensify in the long run.


The underlying causes of allergies

If we look at traditional Eastern influences that underpin the Jung Shim philosophy, a deficiency in energy or Qi affect our body’s natural defenses.


How low energy in the liver affects symptoms

For example, if our liver is exhausted by stress, inadequate diet, insufficient exercise, lack of sleep or emotional strain, toxins build up creating  blockages in our energy system, reducing the natural flow of Qi. This blockage can often trigger reactions and symptoms. This is further exasperated by low energy in the lungs which then react to external irritants as in the case of hay fever.


Why good energy is essential for tackling food allergies

Where food allergies are concerned, low energy in the liver is often accompanied by energy deficiencies in the stomach and spleen. Without good natural energy levels, you can have the healthiest of diets but the nutrients are not fully absorbed and the underlying reasons for food sensitivities are not being addressed.


Release blockages and re-energise

At Jung Shim, we practice Chunsoo Treatments that have been effective in alleviating symptoms.

“From birth, my son suffered with food allergies, to the extent that there were only five or six things he could eat. He used to break out in a rash all over his body and had trouble sleeping. Since receiving energy treatments this has all changed. His allergic reactions have become milder and milder. He has changed so much, become more positive, happy and more open with other children. Thank you for all your help and support.”
- Oleg


Treatments open the energy system by releasing energy blockages through pressing acupressure points all over the body to stimulate energy and blood flow. (It is a similar principle to acupuncture but without needles.)

However, it is unique in that a breathing technique is used at the same time to intensify the treatment. This specific sound and vibration is used to open the energy channels and transmit Qi (energy) deeper into the body.


About Jung Shim

The Jung Shim method originated in South Korea more than 40 years ago and it draws on the use of traditional Eastern medicine and Qi (energy) for modern day issues.

The practice helps release energy blockages, unnecessary thoughts and worries by regaining our connection to our original energy source. In a very busy world where stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue are commonplace.

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