Stress isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, being able to handle stress is a key to survival. However, when stress is prolonged and intense and you’re left feeling as if it has become the norm, then it depletes us of our ‘human energy’ by overworking other areas of the body. In this instance we look at the affect it has on overworked adrenal glands.

5 Common Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

1. Chronic Tiredness

Chronic tiredness is a classic symptom of adrenal fatigue and this means tiredness even after a good night’s sleep. This lack of stamina may also prompt people to reach for caffeine drinks. High caffeine consumption combined with stress can potentially put you in a chronic high-cortisol state, and increase your risk of developing adrenal fatigue.


2. Difficulty coping with stress

Your adrenal system is responsible for managing stress; in a stressful situation the adrenal glands release the stress hormone cortisol. With your adrenal system exhausted, stress can be an enormous challenge and day-to-day stresses overwhelming. In turn, there’s a risk of developing related anxiety issues such as panic attacks.


3. Weight changes and cravings

Adrenal fatigue can also lead to digestion issues such as loss of appetite and nausea. It’s also common to experience unintentional weight loss – or sometimes even weight gain. Another digestive complaint is the presence of abnormally strong cravings for very salty or very sweet foods.


 4. ‘Mental fog’

“Mental fog” is a loose term used by adrenal fatigue sufferers to describe a range of mental symptoms. Many people have problems staying focused and paying attention, as well as difficulties with decision making and solving basic problems. You may also have problems remembering things in the short term.  Racing thoughts are another recurring complaint.


5. Frequent illness

Colds and other respiratory infections are a common complaint among adrenal fatigue sufferers due to its effect on the body’s immune system. The body’s inability to fight off bacteria and viruses also means that it can also take longer to recover from infections when they do attack.


Treatments at Jung Shim

If you feel you suffer from any of the above, contact Jung Shim where we will be able to help you restore your ‘human energy’ levels and put together a personalised energy plan.

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