In our recent blog on depression and back ache we referred to a study which showed that for some people, depression may actually trigger back pain, as opposed to an injury being the cause.  We also learnt that people suffering from depression are 60% more likely to develop lower back pain in their lifetime. 

In this blog, we are going to look at the link between our emotional and physical self, highlighting the importance of the role of our mind in our state of health. 


Believe in what we do

Studies show that feelings of loneliness, sadness or depression can affect us physically.  We can all relate to the obvious examples of how our emotions affect us physically when we are scared, our heart beats faster and our stomachs churning. And I’m sure that we all have examples of where we’ve experienced how our thoughts (positive or negative ones) appear to affect our energy and the outcome of an event. When we feel positive and excited about something we might not always get the result that we wish for, but our overall experience seems to be much more affirmative.  Whereas, when we approach something with negativity and low mood it seems inevitable that we will not achieve what we want to achieve and thus reinforce our sense of failure and lack of self belief.  If we think that we can’t do something, then chances are that we won’t succeed.   

What we think will not manifest in our lives exactly how we imagine it, however how we think does determine the world we see.  A negative thought may not change the outcome of an event but it will change our experience of it; being angry at someone for how they have acted may not mean they act any differently but it will mean that we feel angry! Thus a negative thought can affect us in many more ways than we realise. 


Positive thoughts

The more appreciative and confident you are in yourself, the more your subconscious will work to convince you of your self-worth. By supporting yourself with positive reminders and vibes, your thoughts will direct your actions and behaviours, that will help achieve your goals. Though you can’t control how your subconscious directs your actions and perceptions, you can choose what to feed it.

For example, you may have a goal in mind (dream job, dream house, running a marathon etc.).  We work hard to move closer to achieving the goal and keep hold of what we want in our minds.  If we believe that we can accomplish this, it gives us hope and self-confidence. This hope and self-confidence makes us happy and can even cause us to work or train harder, so we have a greater chance of success.  This didn’t occur because what we thought might happen, happened.  There was no magic.  The outcome was achieved because of the way our thoughts and hopes made us feel which directly affected our actions. 


Take control

We encourage you to consider taking control of the thoughts that can affect you.  Experiment with the idea that you are the director of the films that you run in your head. If you don’t like how they make you feel, change them!  


About Jung Shim

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