It's January. We're back to work and the to-do-list is increasing with every day. Don't panic, help is on hand. 

Take a few minutes to free yourself or meditate. Meditation is the focus of one’s mind in silent reflection for the purpose of relaxation and spiritual cleansing. If you're new to meditation, the important thing is to remember it requires 100% of your attention to be focused on one area.

Here we look at 10 simple meditation techniques that will improve and personalize your techniques to maximize your meditation benefits.

1. Put some time aside and plan it into your diary

Like anything in life, planning ahead will help you free up time and commit to 'you' time. It may only be for 10 minutes, but this is your time. Turn your mobile off, divert your calls and remove distractions so you can enjoy peace and calmness through meditation.

2. Stretching for meditation benefits 

Before starting your meditation practice, do some simple stretches.  Move your head from side to side, backwards and forwards. Raise your arms over your head and down your back. Stretch your legs infront of you. Double over and let your arms hang downwards to the floor with your knees bent to stretch your back then slowly straighten your legs to stretch your hamstrings. By warming up your muscles and tendons, you will stretch out lingering aches and pains and be able to sit or lie more comfortably. Now relax the mind.

3. Breathing techniques

Breathe slowly and from your stomach. Put your hand on your stomach to feel it moving in and out with each breathe. Breathe in to the count of 8, breath out to the count of 8.  Deep controlled breathing slows the heart rate, relaxes the muscles and refocuses the mind.

4. Be engaged

Meditation is a process that requires engagement and 100% focus and attention. Though this is no easy task so it is important not to get disheartened or become disengaged with your meditation techniques.

5. Let any feelings of frustration go

Following on from the previous point, it's very common if you're new to meditation to become frustrated if you can't focus your thoughts. If this happens, just return back to focusing on your breathing and listen to your breathe. Let your negative thoughts and feelings leave you with each breathe.

6. Experimenting with your meditation techniques

Meditating is all about you, so you shouldn’t be afraid to personalize your meditation techniques to a style that suits you. Experimenting with different types of meditating positions such as sitting, lying down, closing or opening your eyes and so on.

7. Take notice of your body

Once you have found a meditative state that you are comfortable with, try next to focus on your body, starting with your feet working your way up. If you are able to do this then you are on the right path!

8. Find the right room to receive the best meditation benefits

Just as important as how you meditate, is where you meditate. Choosing a neutral space over rooms where you sleep, work or exercise can all help to make you feel better at ease and focus your mind. For further improvements try doing little things such as lighting candles and rearranging the room’s feng shui.

9. Read up on meditation techniques

Reading up on meditation techniques and meditation benefits will allow you to grasp a better understanding of the importance, of finding ways to incorporate meditation into your life.

10. Commit yourself to your meditation techniques

By fully committing to your meditation techniques and having it fit into your daily routine, you can raise your engagement levels and long term commitment. By following these simple meditation techniques you will see your meditation benefits and abilities vastly improve.

Jung Shim

Jung Shim provides support for people wanting to energises the body and the mind through meditation, chanting and treatments. It is based on traditional Korean principles and helps people achieve health, wellbeing and happier lives.