Ancestor healing

Clearing inherited energy patterns to create a healthier, more harmonious and happier life.

At Jung Shim we understand that our energy levels can be affected by the lifestyle we lead, our physical environment and emotional patterns. Yet, we also believe that people’s energy can be affected by the history and energy of their family. This we call karma.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in people researching their family history to see how their lives have been shaped by previous generations. We inherit our physical features through our genetic make-up, but in the energy system, emotional patterns, ancestor’s life experiences, memories, pain, health issues and even addictions can be imprinted and carried forward to future generations. It is not uncommon that major events or traumas in people’s lives have a similarity to events in their ancestors lives.

Ancestor healing is a profound and spiritual course offered at Jung Shim to clear inherited energy patterns that can affect our life, wellbeing and relationships. The programme uses energy and sound (vibration) and is rooted in the ancient Eastern practice to respect ancestors and appreciate life.

As increasing numbers of people strive for a healthier and happier life through dietary changes, self-development and spiritual work, people still find they have ailments and patterns they just cannot shift. Ancestor healing can often be the change people are looking for to heal their karma and family patterns.

If you would like to know more about the ancestor healing programme please book a consultation with a senior practitioner.


Body, mind and spirit

Human life is the harmony of physical and spiritual existence. We have a body, mind and spirit that are connected. The spirit is our original state, existing as light, our true self and connecting us to the universe. The mind, which creates thoughts and emotions is the link between the spirit and the body. According to the state of mind during life, the spirit can become brighter or darker and physical health can improve or degenerate.

At the end of our life, the spirit and body separate and this harmony and connection changes. The body returns to the earth, the spirit lives on invisibly and the mind should slowly scatter. Yet strong emotions and patterns built up during life can tie the mind to the spirit for a very long time.

Many people believe that after leaving our physical life the spirit will return to its origin and live eternally in a state of peace and light. Yet, the state of the spirit can be fixed at death and unable to change.

At the point of death, most people have unresolved emotions, attachments, regrets and desires that have not been resolved. Like old buildings hold their history in the walls, the energy of ancestors can live on through the next generation.

Our ancestors are the root of the tree, we are the trunk and children are the fruit. Healthy fruit comes from a healthy root and we are the connection. The visible and invisible worlds exist together and ancestors can stay around their living descendants for often more than four generations.

Ancestor healing courses

Ancestor healing can be undertaken at any time as part of the Jung Shim programme or by itself. It is a deep spiritual practice that demands dedication and connection and it is important that the programme resonates with the participant.

The 21 day foundation course consists of four sessions, known as ceremonies, over a four week period with daily chanting. Each ceremony lasts an hour and a half and takes place in the Saemtu, a room filled with charged Qi energy. Participants can join daily chanting classes in Jung Shim centres or online. 

Each ceremony has an arrangement of food, fruit, flowers and rice. This is an offering to show respect and gratitude to the source, nature and ancestors and is prepared with dedication and love.

The energy pattern of ancestors changes daily through chanting and receiving energy, through the descendants body and mind. It can be a challenging process for the participant but with profound spiritual and energetic changes for the family.

Ancestor branches and course costs

Ancestor healing can be offered for different family branches.

There are eight main family or branches which influence our lives. There can also be additional branches depending other relationships, adoption or if someone has passed away recently.

All branches can be helped during the same ancestor healing course or the descendant can choose to do just a few branches at a time. 

It is advisable to book a consultation to discuss the different ancestor branches that may affect you and which are the most important for you. Prices start from £1500 for the Foundation course.

Since each person’s family is different, please book a consultation with a senior practitioner if you would like more information


"I devoted many years to following a healthy lifestyle and working through my emotional patterns, but there always seemed to be certain things in my life that I could not shift or change. Since completing the ancestral healing, I feel a new lease of life and hope, as if the doors have all opened up in front of me."

Ancestor Healing FAQ's
Do I need to bring my family?

Only one person in the family is needed to take part in the programme, but partners, siblings, parents and children are welcome to join if they are open to the programme and would like to support and take part.

I don’t live near a centre, how can I join the programme?

It is possible to take part from a different country or city, by joining the chanting classes and ceremonies online. The programme is as effective as being there in person, as dealing with energy is not confined to a place and time.

I don’t know much about my family?

It is not necessary to have a detailed family tree to take part in the programme, but a consultation is required to work out the most important family branches for each person.

I would like to heal my family, but I am not a spiritual person

The ancestor healing involves ceremonies and chanting and even if this practice is unfamiliar, it is important to feel open to the practice. People from many different religious and cultural backgrounds have taken part and felt a benefit and connection.

What changes can I expect from doing ancestor healing?

Ancestor healing is a spiritual practice and there are no guarantees of any physical or lifestyle changes. It is a process to heal the karma and energy that has been passed down from many generations. It can be a very moving process but the experiences are different for every person. Many testimonials have shown positive changes.

I don’t like or speak to my family, why should I help them?

When there is separation, pain or trauma in a family, it is sometimes more important to take part in the programme as a way of clearing the patterns for future generations and bringing peace and enabling families to move forward.

Will it help my physical and emotional wellbeing?

We have a body, mind and spirit and the three are connected. Improving our energy and brightening the spirit of our ancestors changes the energy pattern in our lives. It is a spiritual practice and not a programme for healing our physical or emotional problems, but changes made on a spiritual level can filter down into our physical lives. Many people taking part in the programme have experienced positive and deep changes.