Qi Energy Workshop

Learn how to keep your inner balance in a busy world, to stay connected to yourself and manage your own energy better.

Help prepare your body for autumn by recharging your vital energy!

We live in an increasingly fast-paced world and can easily become overwhelmed by the demands of modern life.

Jung Shim helps teach us how to regain inner balance, stay connected to ourselves and manage our own energy better.

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Talk: Changing Inherited Patterns

Did you know that energy patterns passed down from previous generations can affect our lives here and now?

As more of us look for a healthier and happier life through changes in diet, self-development and spiritual work, we often come across issues and negative emotions that we are unable to change.

Ancestor Healing can often be the process that helps us to achieve the changes we are looking for and heal our family patterns.

In this talk you'll learn how Jung Shim's transformational ancestor healing process can:

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